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Sanokil First Aid Service demonstrates to your staff, customers and visitors that you are complying with the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 and that you are taking steps to ensure their wellbeing whilst on the premises.

A Sanokil First Aid Kit Service  eliminates stock shortage and ordering problems. We make sure you always have the equipment you need to help you deal with workplace incidents.

Sanokil provides:

  • Regular professional servicing to ensure that stock is always complete
  • Convenience in the event of an accident or workplace emergency
  • Certificate of service provided
  • Choice of wall mounted or free standing kits suitable for your workplace

Contact a Sanokil consultant today to visit your workplace and advise on First Aid requirements and compliance with WHS commitments.
It is important to keep your First Aid Kits restocked on a regular basis to meet WHS requirements. While most kits can last for many years, it is important to keep your First Aid Kit contents replenished to take care of used, damaged and out of date stock.

Sanokil First Aid  can help you to meet your First Aid requirements and obligations under WHS Regulations by providing a regular restocking service for your First Aid kits and supplies.

The First Aid Kit Service schedule is arranged to suit your business requirements. Talk to us about how we can arrange a suitable service frequency for your workplace.

Sanokil Service visits include:

  • Our First Aid Representative visiting your workplace on an agreed schedule
  • Keeping your First Aid Kit stocked to WHS Recommendations
  • Cleaning, sorting and maintenance of your First Aid Kit container
  • Checking the expiry date of all items and removal of out of date stock
  • Replenishing used and damaged stock

Contact Sanokil today to find out how we can keep your First Aid Kits stocked to WHS requirements.

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